Aim and Scope

The International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment (ICHMET) is a unique event in the calendar of the environmental science congress. It focuses neither on a specific metal, nor on a specific environmental medium, but instead aims to provide a unique platform for discussion and presentation of state-of-the-art research activities to a broad international scientific community.

ICHMET does not concentrate exclusively on sources, transport or remediation, but instead provides a multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary forum where an individual's or group's expertise can be presented in this broader context.
Hence, the 16th ICHMET will focus on applying a multidisciplinary approach in developing and validating new and current environmental policies that help reduce the impact of heavy metals on both human heath and the broader environment. As effective policy requires input from many specialised branches of environmental science and technology, we believe the format of the ICHMET conferences provides an ideal framework for environmental policy-oriented contributors to share their research.
Thus, we will be encouraging both national and international environmental organisations to participate. Policy requires sound and relevant science if it is to be both feasible and effective. Thus, ICHMET 16 will continue the tradition of inviting renowned international experts from a range of fields to give plenary lectures. These lectures will offer up-to-date overviews of the state-of-the-art research in their respective fields. But more importantly, ICHMET 16 will showcase relevant, cutting-edge research projects carried out by YOU, the participants.
ICHMET 16 will include sessions on heavy metals in environmental media and on advances in analytical techniques and remediation technologies, but will also include a specific session on heavy metals in the atmosphere focusing on global scale observation and modeling systems with regard to transport, chemistry and deposition.

Abstracts looking at how these processes may change in a changing climate will be particularly welcome. The conference will also feature a session on advanced data management to support the Group on Earth Observation (GEO). The GEO initiative, which supports the GEOSS objectives that aim to provide decision-support tools, corresponds with ICHMET 16’s final, novel session on the development of international legislation regarding heavy metals. This session will include a discussion of activities carried out in the framework of multiple international programs (i.e., UNEP, UNECE-EMEP, FWD). In addition to the Conference Proceedings, a number of international peer-reviewed journals have planned special issues, and participants are encouraged to keep this in mind when preparing their Abstracts.

You might remember our presentation that featured the city of Rome at the closing session of the highly successful (and enjoyable) ICHMET 15. Yet, Rome, the eternal city, probably needs no introduction. We look forward to seeing you there in September 2012.